Alaska Air new N lounge at Seatac

Why We Choose Alaska Air?

Alaska Air plane at Seatac
#IflyAlaska because they rock!

Many people ask me why we always choose Alaska Air?

To start with Debbie and I are not paid Influencers for Alaska Air or their affiliates. We just happen to really love their service and schedules. For those of you that know us, we LOVE to travel. Always have since our honeymoon in Thailand back in 1987. We’ve had many hit and miss flights and airport experiences. But that all changed when we discovered Alaska Air!

Magazine featuring an Alaska Air Lounge ad

A few years back after becoming MVP frequent flyers, reading their in-flight magazine, we decided to purchase their lounge membership.

Life has never been the same since!

We live in Canada, Abbotsford BC to be precise, and it’s easier for us to drive to Bellingham in Washinton State than to drive to YVR. Now there isn’t a lounge at Bellingham but’s that’s ok because it’s just a 27-minute flight to Seattle. (There is a Premium Lounge in YVR and if we’re flying with Alaska then we do use that as well). We’ve been blessed for the past 2 years to be MVP Gold and have had many upgrades and other nice perks aboard.

Either way – welcome to the City at Seatac – which feels like a second home to us! We’ve been waiting for months to see their long-awaited brand new 15,000 square foot Lounge at Terminal N. On our way back from speaking in PSA, we read that it was ready for us to visit!

Sign to Alaska Air new lounge
This way to the ultimate Alaska Air Lounge Experience

From our first welcome to our kinda sad goodbye, the experience was simply outstanding.

Whether you have a long or short layover, it’s so worth visiting the Alaska lounge. It always feels like they know you and welcome you with such joy and warmth.

Welcoming staff at the new Alaska Lounge

I loved the expanse of space that they have designed. Quiet nooks and open seating abound, Of course, power outlets everywhere! Even a multi-purpose printer for last-minute assistance.

And then there’s the food and beverages!

We’ve always enjoyed light snacks no matter the time of day with Alaska. With their new lounge, oh boy have they upped their game! With a full barista and bar service. Their range of local brews and wines are quite simply outstanding. Tip – if you’re not sure they’ll happily give you a taste first so you can enjoy a quality beverage of choice. Of course, no one want’s to drink too much before a flight. (However, they also have excellent washrooms as well)

Check this out – all of this is included with your Lounge membership!

Suffice to say 10/10 Alaska Air!

The attention to detail is excellent. Look for the light shades that look like engine housings for instance. From the vast array of seating to the views from the wall to wall windows. The food and beverages are only over-shadowed by the amazing staff of Alaska Air who serve you with sincere joy.

And this is why we choose Alaska Air as our North American Airline of choice. Using Seatac as a hub rather than direct flights is always ok for us because of the ability to use their lounges to keep working. Now, of course, we welcome those even more!

Jonathan Christian at alaska airlines lounge

And I haven’t even started to tell you about the service on-board or their amazing on-time luggage delivery services – let’s keep that for another blog. But for now – Alaska Air – you’ve hit a home run with your new Lounge at N gate in Seatac.

For more information about Alaska Air here’s their website

Use the hashtag #IflyAlaska and you’ll quickly find them on Social Media.

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