#TBT Throwback Thursday: How we turned our business around 180 degrees!

There are times in life when an event or tragedy happens and it turns you around 180 degrees and catapults you into overdrive! It’s Throwback Thursday, so I’d like to reflect on an event that changed my life forever.

#TBT – Throwback Thursday

July 2012, Pines Bible Camp, Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada – an event happened that would not only change my life but would change the very passion we have in business to help people make the very most of what it is they are trying to accomplish.

Thanks for watching! That day truly was a life-changer.

Now, almost six years on, we still have the same passion and zeal to help our clients achieve what it is that makes them get up in the morning. We want to help them change their own corner of the world with whatever it is they’re passionate about.


Take Chrystal and Michaela.

These ladies are so passionate about natural childbirth that they’ve created Honest Birth Talk (aka #birthbesties).


Or, Martin Dennis, Founder of Precision Gutters. He created his own company because he was incensed at the poor quality of product available to customers in the local area.



Or – The Froese family at JD Farms Specialty Turkey, who are so passionate about how providing their community with the freshest, highest-quality local turkey.


These are all clients of ours who are doing extremely well because of their passion for their product and our marketing collaboration.

What drives you? Do you know what your purpose is in life? We sure know ours, and we just love to #makestuffhappen!

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