Spring Tasting Ex Nihilo looking over the vineyard

Nothing says Spring like Wine Tasting in the Okanagan

Our Kelowna Wine Country Getaway

Debbie and I had the joy of accepting a wonderful gift of wine tasting for our 30th Anniversary – with an Epicurean Wine Experience at EX NIHILO Winery in their Chaos Bistro near Kelowna BC.

The Easter Sunday weather was just perfect and we were made to feel so very welcome. Taste buds salivating, the anniversary celebration began.

The Winery

The origin of Ex Nihilo‘s name comes from the Latin “out of nothing”. Our host Isaac graciously welcomed us and showed us to our VIP table. After a welcome glass of bubbles, he told us the winery story.

Jeff Harder and his then fiancé Decoa were wine tasting in the Napa Valley and San Francisco. During this trip, they came across the work of Sculptor Frederick E. Hart. “Ex Nihilo” was a commission for the entrance of the Washinton (DC ) National Cathedral – click here to learn more. The main piece features the creation of mankind from Adam who is surrounded by chaos. Jeff said, if we ever have our own winery in the Okanagan let’s call it EX NIHILO – and out of the chaos we’ll rise. Way to go — you did it and Decoa is now Jeff’s wife!

ex nihilo wine tasting
The original EX NIHILO statue ready for the Washington National Cathedral
debbie & wanda wine tasting

Four wines with four food parings –exquisite!

We began with a crisp 2018 Pinot Gris paired with Fennel and Tarragon Prawns – oh my goodness – flavour heaven!

Followed by a delicious Viognier of the same vintage. This was paired with a scrumptious Prosciutto wrapped Artichoke. I’m not a huge white wine guy – but this wine totally got my vote. So much so we ordered a bottle later on.

For 3 and 4 we switched to red. A very tasty 2017 Pinot Noir paired with the most delicious gnocchi, covered in a rich bacon and blue cheese cream sauce. There may have been some finger cleaning of the mini skillet so that nothing was left behind. 😉

And last, but by no means least, came their 2016 Merlot with an exquisite aged Havarti along with sun-dried tapenade and the most unique Olives. We all had a different-coloured olives — a nice touch from Chef Jeff Krejlau.

Chaos Bistro Spring Pairing
Food and Wine Pairings

Behind the Pairings

Throughout our dining experience, Isaac kept popping back to give us the story behind each wine and why the chef chose each pairing. All too soon the plates and glasses were empty. We were then given the most delicious Pinot Noir Rose.

Isaac fro Chaos Bistro
Ex Nihilo pino noir bubbles

Towards the end of our time we had the joy of the owner Jeff Harder stopping by and personally welcoming us and sharing more about their history, how they began with seeing a sign saying Cherries for sale and underneath 10 acres for sale. They inquired more and a deal was done! Now with 20+ acres, the future looks bright.

Jeff with ExNilhilo guests

“Enter as strangers, leave as friends.” is Ex Nihilo’s mantra “It’s the only rule we have” said Jeff. How great it is to see pride of ownership in action!

Winery Membership Program

This was our 2nd time visiting EX NILHIO – it sure won’t be our last. Membership to their wine club means we’ll soon be enjoying the fruits of their labours delivered to our doorstep. Whether you just want to purchase a tasting, eat amazing pizza or take a tour – this is, without doubt, the premium winery location in the Kelowna area

To follow their journey and keep up with their latest events and moments – here are links to their website and social media.




Here’s to 2019! Memor Vivo as they say at EX NIHILO
Spring wine tasting note sheet Ex Nihilo
Spring 2019 tasting note sheet Ex Nihilo
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