Marketing in 2018

How To Excel in Social Media Marketing

With last an already distant memory, the question remains – How will you manage to excel in social media marketing in the coming year?

That is a great question, my friends. Today, I’d like to help you wrap your head around marketing in 2018. There’s one fundamental thing we know for sure – people still like to do business with people that they know, love and trust! Notice how I said “love”, not “like”? Likes are for losers – to excel in 2018, you have to absolutely LOVE what you do and your audience needs to LOVE every piece of content you produce.

It sounds obvious, but how many of us truly appreciate and practice this principle?

So often, you never hear from someone until they have to meet you urgently because they have “an opportunity” for you. Or you have to hide someone’s posts from your feed, as they never stop posting about stuff that really doesn’t make sharing worthwhile. Or the person who last updated their status on July 3rd 2015 and tells everyone, “Social media doesn’t work!”

Oh – and then there are those wonderful people who want to retain their privacy, but stalk everyone else all the time!

Is this the current state of social media marketing in 2018? Ummm – hello – NO!!

Those who have learned the art of paying it forward, offering a kind word to all who comment on their updates, and who continually motivate their circles are enjoying unprecedented success in whatever they’re doing in their business. Why is that, do you think…?

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat have become the business marketplaces for so many of us.

What’s even better, is when those online friendships actually turn into face to face “reunions” – Our daughter recently met a great friend via a Supernaural fan forum and then went on vacation to Mexico with her! I’m sure many of us have similar stories of connection and new found friends.

But how does 2018 social media relate to doing business, selling stuff and making actual money? It doesn’t – you see, nothing’s changed. People are still people, and those people still buy stuff, and who do they choose to buy that stuff from? Walmart? Amazon? Of course, we all do. But, when it comes to protecting your home with a solid home security company, or an urgent night call to a plumber, or a need for a business consultant with empathy and ideas – where do people go to find that trusted referral? Well, social media, of course!

And that, my friends, is where business is now being done, by the millions who have learned the age-old art of communication. We’ve come full circle, back to the door-to-door salesman of the 1960’s & 70’s. Professional salespeople who knew your family by name, who stood up when a lady walked into the room and were always there for you, no matter what. Today, it’s all about iPhones, Facebook Messenger and Facetime. These are the tools of the modern sales professional.

In the right hands, with the right context, and the right attitude – the world is quite literally your marketplace.

People are crying out to be loved and listened to, and will happily give their hard earned dollars to those who they believe and trust in.

Is it too late to join the Social revolution? Not at all – in fact, it’s just beginning!

So just how do you excel in social media marketing in 2018?

It’s been my personal mission since the recession of 2008 to learn and share all there is to know about integrating social media into local and international business practices. What started as a personal crusade to recover from life-threatening surgery has become an un-ending passion and journey from success to success.

How would you like to join me as we #makestuffhappen in 2018? It would be my honour to walk alongside you and teach you all that I’ve learned and continue to learn in what we now call the wonderful world of social media!

What’s the catch? Is there a catch? Oh yes – there may well be…. you may well find a renewed energy and enthusiasm for life that will be EXACTLY what YOU and YOUR BUSINESS need in 2018, to not just survive but THRIVE!

Let’s stay connected on your platform of choice – but I warn you, life might never be the same again!

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