Let’s do life together

2018 is well and truly here, and I’m thinking, Let’s do life together – 2018 style!

We all know the value of Social Media – the wonder of discovering the news of a birth or the celebration of an anniversary. There are sad moments too, and the messages you receive can make the darkest places seem a little less lonely. And in business – it’s very much the same – sharing the highs and lows, looking for support and ideas and helping others with advice.

So today I thought – let’s do life together – and let’s do it 2018 style, on whichever platform you’re more into.

(Click on any of the images to reach my account on each platform.)

I’ve listed all the platforms I use most – if we’re not connected there already, then let’s connect and laugh and learn together… 2018 style.

Without question, our Facebook page has the most reach.

I’m there several times every day. I try to start each day with a motivational quote along with tips and observations through the day and evening. With our new coaching programs we also have several “closed” groups. I use the 5 E’s – Engage, Entertain, Educate, empower & Entice!. Each business day we post stuff to bring a smile and an idea to you – if you have any ideas of what you’d like to hear more of please do let us know!

If you haven’t, already please do Like it and make sure you change your notifications to “see first” to make sure you don’t miss anything.

2018 Style: Facebook

I’m also on Instagram each day.


I love to see what people around the world are doing and really enjoy the motivational quotes I read. My staple #hashtag on Instagram is #makestuffhappen. Posting on Instagram 2018 style is all about the story feature. I’ll often share stories during the day, but remember, they only stay for 24 hours – don’t suffer from #FOMO!

I’m using Snapchat a lot more these days.

It’s been awesome getting to know some friends much better. I really enjoy following people like Ted Rubin and Gary Vee. It’s my inside track on what’s going on each day – where everyone is and what we’re up to. To add me, you can just scan my picture and it’ll take you right to my account – send me a chat and I’ll add you straight back!

On Twitter? Me too!

I love how I can connect to business and thought leaders around the world. You can so often become so close, whereas if you were trying to phone or email, you’d never get in touch. I also use it to share as many business tips and ideas I can find from others I respect and follow. I add people to micro lists. That way, I can stay better in touch, as I find the main feed just way too busy.

As with all business professionals, you’ll find me on Linkedin.

2018 Style Linkedin

I’m there daily and love to leverage my connections to help people find just the right answer or service. It’s always my go-to platform to learn about an individual I’ve heard about or am about to meet.

Last, but not least, is my YouTube Channel.

2018 Style YouTube

This is where you’ll find a variety of my videos, whether they be about marketing trends, upcoming events, or personal reflections.

Sound like a plan? Let’s spend some time together each day on whatever platform you’re most comfortable with.

And if there are some you’re not sure about then why not follow along and learn what they’re all about! It’s 2018 and we all have to keep learning – may as well do it and enjoy some great company!

I’m so looking forward to connecting more with you and doing life together in 2018!

Let’s stay social!

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