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Jonathan Christian is the founder of We Make Stuff Happen, an innovative Full-Service, Digital Marketing and Training Agency that helps businesses and non-profits around the world. We want to help you maximize your story online and face-to-face, so that you can maximize the social marketplace.

Known as a Social Media Evangelist, Jonathan started his Consulting Agency in the fall of 2004. He works with awesome people, helping them leverage their story strategically across social channels. His gift is in teaching others how to successfully maneuver the ever-changing landscape of Social Media to grow their business. He is a highly respected Industry Expert, dynamic Trainer, and hilarious Speaker for events and companies looking to grow exponentially by harnessing their unique story to create a powerful online audience.

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Remember, social distancing does NOT mean distanci Remember, social distancing does NOT mean distancing from your dreams…And the simple truth is that the world needs thought leaders now more than ever. If you could use some free expert support in answering the call to SERVE…50 of my friends & I got your back hit the #linkinbio 😊⁣
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Huge #shoutout for our friend Caroline Mostertman Huge #shoutout for our friend Caroline Mostertman for converting their distillery to make the world’s best sanitizer. It’s not for sale, but it’s free to all front-line health care workers. Now this is #covid_19 love in action!
This quote got me through the recession mindset 20 This quote got me through the recession mindset 2008. It held true then and it will hold true again in 2020
#staystrong #keepthefaith #covid_19 #shoplocal #napoleonhill
Are you or do you know a small business owner? Do Are you or do you know a small business owner?
Do you struggle with cash flow issues and uncertainty on where all your profits are draining?
I invite you to join me today at noon PDT. I'm hosting a free webinar  with my longterm friend and professional colleague @anne.dickinson.34223 from Eye On Your Business
You'll be glad you did 
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Since it’s #ValentinesDay I wanted to bring back Since it’s #ValentinesDay I wanted to bring back this picture of Debbie and I. ❤⁣⁣
This was the day I dropped Debbie off to the airport, to head to Australia for 3 weeks and help Ellen pack up the work she was doing with YWAM. It was the longest we have ever been apart and is ultimately how the Shaving Chronicles was born. From meeting back in 1982, to celebrating our 38th Valentines together today, thank you for being my forever Valentine. 🌹⁣
#38thvalentines #love #emptynestertravellers #makestuffhappen #birthofentrepreneurship #digitalnomads #livethelifeyoulove #partnersforlife
#valentinesday My 38th with @debsyaya And even t #valentinesday 
My 38th with @debsyaya 
And even though our girls are in their 20’s I’ve always made how much they’re loved every day but especially on this day. It’s a tradition I started when they were in Kindergarten. #even kept it up when @ellentchristian was is Australia with #YWAM
Know you’re loved my friends 🧡
Sure do miss my Mum 😢on #worldcancerday I’d t Sure do miss my Mum 😢on #worldcancerday I’d thought we all remember something our Mum/Mom’s used to say to us.... Go!
#cancersucks #fuckcancer #memories #heaven #seeyousoon
Snow joke!! #abbotsford #bcstorm #snowmageddon #ag Snow joke!! #abbotsford #bcstorm #snowmageddon #agencylife #wod
It's #PersonalTrainerAwarenessDay so a massive sho It's #PersonalTrainerAwarenessDay so a massive shoutout to my personal trainer, Dirk Schultz thank you for pushing me to my limits. 🏋️‍♂️ ⁣
If you've made a New Year's resolution to get into shape this year, be sure to follow @dirkfit and get in-touch so you can reach your personal goal!⁣
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