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Jonathan Christian is the founder of We Make Stuff Happen, an innovative Full-Service, Digital Marketing and Training Agency that helps businesses and non-profits around the world. We want to help you maximize your story online and face-to-face, so that you can maximize the social marketplace.

Known as a Social Media Evangelist, Jonathan started his Consulting Agency in the fall of 2004. He works with awesome people, helping them leverage their story strategically across social channels. His gift is in teaching others how to successfully maneuver the ever-changing landscape of Social Media to grow their business. He is a highly respected Industry Expert, dynamic Trainer, and hilarious Speaker for events and companies looking to grow exponentially by harnessing their unique story to create a powerful online audience.

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It’s my birthday today 🍻. Inside, I’m still that little boy, with an insane sense of adventure and hope🤣. 
I am not growing old😀. 
I maybe a little older,  but I’m still growing 🙏🏼
The reason we’ve spent 18 weeks on the #isleofman Meet my father in law Mac Dad to me and @debsyaya The man, the myth the Gags to @gemmahopee @ellentchristian & Maddie Beating all the odds and showing the power of human intention.
April 1st 1982 - we started dating. No joke! It’s been an incredible almost 40 years. We’ve got pictures and memories too numerous and wonderful to share in entirety. 
Debbie - best decision I ever made🥰 and still can’t stop smiling 😁
Who would have thought we’d be back in the same house as where it all began?
“Love you to moon and back again”
Meet Mac aka Gags/Dad.
He’s the reason we’re back home on the #isleofman. My wife @debsyaya’s Dad is sadly terminally ill with the big C. We’d been waiting and praying as to know when to come home and help. It’s been 7 weeks since our journey from 🇨🇦 began. We were so glad we’d made it out of quarantine in time, as he really was not doing well.
But with good company, good food and more than a few 🙏🏼 he’s still with us and just showing us every day what a fighter he is! Btw #cancersucks  The Isle of Man  healthcare services are A+ and we’re filled with gratitude. Our team at @wemakestuffhappenhq and especially @lindsay.web are doing an outstanding job with us being 8 hours ahead. We’re able to work from here and continue all we usually do but at the same time be available to help and just be there as company for Deb’s Mom aka Nana. And that’s our life right now. No plan to return back to 🇨🇦 as yet. We’ll just see how each day comes and do our best to help and bring comfort and support. If you’re a 🙏🏼 kinda person offer one up for Mac. He’s not a bad lad and 75 is way too young to be saying so long 😢
Celebrating @debsyaya Birthday. 39 years together with the best yet to come. Sharing a special day here on the Isle of Man in lockdown with her folks 😷
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