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Jonathan Christian is the founder of We Make Stuff Happen, an innovative Full-Service, Digital Marketing and Training Agency that helps businesses and non-profits around the world. We want to help you maximize your story online and face-to-face, so that you can maximize the social marketplace.

Known as a Social Media Evangelist, Jonathan started his Consulting Agency in the fall of 2004. He works with awesome people, helping them leverage their story strategically across social channels. His gift is in teaching others how to successfully maneuver the ever-changing landscape of Social Media to grow their business. He is a highly respected Industry Expert, dynamic Trainer, and hilarious Speaker for events and companies looking to grow exponentially by harnessing their unique story to create a powerful online audience.

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Celebrating @debsyaya Birthday. 39 years together with the best yet to come. Sharing a special day here on the Isle of Man in lockdown with her folks 😷
After three days delivering my very best digital marketing ideas and advice I finally get some me time. I’ve been dying to find time to read #cumulativeadvantage by my friend @markwschaefer Only 2 chapters in and I totally get the premise. Mark you’re a genius fir piecing this together. I can wait to complete this epic book of wisdom.
Today’s the day! Get Known and Dare to be Digital broadcasts live this afternoon at 9:30am PST! Last chance to join us for 3 days of incredible learning and inspiration all via Zoom from the #isleofman
Spending the weekend preparing for our next live training event coming up next week. If you’re an #entrepreneur needing help and inspiration to create your digital survival plan for 2021 and build up valuable customer relationships that lead to sales and lifelong value then I invite you to sign up and join me 🧑🏼‍💻
Finally back at the gym post quarantine. The best bit is our PT is our nephew - keeping it in the family #quarantine2021 #fitnessgoals
Catching up with my heritage. Loving all things #manx We have one hour a day of outside exercise under strict #quarantinelife We make the most of every minute 🇮🇲🙌🏼
Excited to spend the next 3 days with @markwschaefer for the #Uprising
#quarantine #day7 we were allowed to travel today so we went for #covid_19 test #2 here on the #isleofman  If we get a 2nd negative we’ll be allowed out to exercise!!!
It’s been a productive week, lots of client work & writing for @wemakestuffhappenhq Grateful to be here and hope to ge able to hug family soon.  7 days left and counting
Made our second flight🙏🏼 next stop 🇬🇧 London Baby. Excellent job @aircanada - super safe and professional